Mascot Appearanace Guidelines

AUM Guidelines for Mascot Appearance

Approved as of February 20, 2012


The following guidelines have been established to help identify the types of events that Curtiss will be required to attend. This has been created with the classroom obligations of the mascot student-athletes in mind, as well as their personal schedules.



1. Curtiss will attend all home basketball games that occur during the academic semester. Efforts will be made for the mascot to attend home contests during breaks if at all possible.
2. The mascot will attend other standard athletic events that fit into the schedule of the mascot student-athletes by approval of the cheerleading coach and athletic director.
3. Requests for appearances must be submitted via electronic request form Ideally, requests for the appearance of the mascot should be made a month before the event in order to check the academic and personal schedules of the student-athletes.
4. The length of the mascot's entire appearance - from the time Curtiss arrives on site until he leaves - should be less than one hour. Curtiss should be in costume for a maximum of 20 minutes during the spring & summer months to avoid overheating.
5. Curtiss will attend institutional orientations, special recruitment days, Higher Education Day, College Colors Day, Homecoming Activities, etc. and events requested by the Chancellor.
6. Every effort will be made to limit the scheduled appearances of the mascot to a maximum of two per week. This is to ensure that these events do not adversely affect the academic performance of the student-athletes serving as the mascot. (Weeks such as homecoming present unusual circumstances due to the high volume of activities during this time).
7. Priority will be given to official university events and events with appeal to Auburn University at Montgomery alumni. Special university events that require the mascot to travel to an off-campus location will incur a fee of $25.00 plus mileage (reimbursed at the State of Alabama rate). The cost of the appearance must be paid in advance. All off campus events must provide a reserved parking spot for Curtiss. A secure place to change and a secure place to keep personal belongings must be provided.   
8.  Community and corporate requests for the presence of the mascot will incur a $50.00 booking fee plus mileage.   The cost of the appearance must be paid in advance.
9.  A cleaning and/or repair fee will be charged to the organization if damage is done during the appearance. The requesting organization will need to pay attention to how people are treating Curtiss for the protection of the person and the costume.
10. If there is a change in the date and/or time for any reason after we finalize details for the appearance, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the change. Events such as individual birthday parties will not be considered.

Curtiss Request Form

Printable AUM Guidelines for Mascot Appearance