Peter Olsson
Inducted in 2010
Graduated in 1995
Men's Tennis
Years at AUM - 1992-95
Peter Olsson came to Auburn Montgomery in 1992 and four years later had led AUM to its second national title as well as a third-place finish (1992) and a runner-up finish (1993). The Senators also won two District 27 championships during his career. He earned first-team All-America honors in 1992 and 1993 and was AUM's second winner of the NAIA Ward-Ballinger Award, winning the honor in 1993, the same year he was named the NAIA National Championship Player of the Year. He was also good in the classroom, winning the AUM Athletic Award in 1993 and 1994.

Since Graduation:
Hall of Fame


Article I

Authority, Name, Object and Purpose

Section 1.         The name of the organization shall be Auburn University at Montgomery Athletic Hall of Fame, hereinafter referred to as "The Hall".  The authority for establishment of The Hall originated as a result of Athletic Department initiative, through the Office of the Athletic Director and the Chancellor.

Section 2.         The purpose and object of The Hall is to give special recognition to those individuals who qualify for induction into The Hall, as established through the Guidelines as set forth in Article III.

Article II

Board of Directors and Selectors

Section 1.         The original Board of Selectors will be appointed through the Athletic Director and Chancellor.  The members of the Board shall serve in the capacity as directors and as selectors for The Hall, along with the Athletic Director and the Sports Information Director.

Section 2.         The Board shall be composed of nine members plus the Athletic Director and the Sports Information Director.

(A) Hall of Fame Committee

1. Dr. John Aho - Faculty Athletic Representative

2. Steve Crotz - AUM Athletic Director

3. Grant Dukes - Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

4. Amie Kelly - Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

5. Tim Lutz - Sports Information Director

6. Dr. Janice Lyn - Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

7. Dr. Bradley Moody - Intercollegiate Athletic Committee

8. Dr. Kathleen Rasmussen - Former AUM Alumni President

9. LTC Ryan Reid - Commander AUM Army ROTC

10. Louis Thornton - Manager, AUM Wellness Center

11. Tyler Williams - Athletic Alumni Council

Section 3.         Each Board member shall serve a term of five years.  A member who has served more than half a term shall be deemed to have served a term.  The original Board shall select among themselves appropriate years of tenure in order to establish continuity within the Board.  One Board member shall be selected each year to replace one retiring Board member and will assume that Board member's duties at the Annual Meeting.  Additional Board members shall be elected to fulfill any unexpired terms of office as set forth in Article II, Section 4.  Membership is limited to two consecutive terms.

Article III

Candidate Selection to The Hall

Section 1.         Establishing qualifications for selection shall be the duty of the Board of The Hall.  Candidates recommended by the Board will be submitted to the Athletic Director for final approval.  To be considered for selection, the candidate must be eligible in at least one of the following:

Section 2.         Character and integrity are of the utmost importance as it relates to recognition of any candidate to The Hall.

Section 3.         The number of inductees shall not exceed ten in the year of establishment of The Hall.  Selections thereafter shall not exceed five inductees in one year.  Inductions need not be made each year.

(A) Athletic Ability

1.  Must have received significant athletic recognition at Auburn University at Montgomery in at least one sport;

2.  Must not have participated in Auburn University Athletic program for at least five years;

3.  Must be a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery.

4. Candidate must receive at least 60% of the potential votes from the Hall of Fame selection members.

5.  A team may be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame provided that a minimum of 50% of all student-athletes listed on the eligibility certification graduated from a four year institution and a minimum of ten years has passes since their recognized achievement.

6.  Should a nominated candidate not be selected for the Hall of Fame, they will automatically rollover for consideration for a period of two additional years.  At this point, a candidate will need to be re-nominated for future consideration.

(B) Alumni coaching away from Auburn University at Montgomery

1.  Need not have been an athlete at Auburn University at Montgomery;

2.   As a coach, must have been given specific recognition among candidate's peer group;

3.   Consistency should be a significant factor as it relates to candidate's coaching;

4.  Must not be coaching or playing at Auburn University at Montgomery for at least five years.

(C) Auburn University at Montgomery coach

1.  No active coach shall be inducted into The Hall;

2.  There must be a five-year period between the completion of a former AUM coach's career and their nomination into The Hall.

(D) Meritorious service to  Auburn University at   Montgomery Athletics  

(E)  Contribution or service to Auburn University at Montgomery Athletics

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